Hello friends, welcome to my campaign!

Here I’ll be providing common knowledge your characters would know in the setting to catch you up on the last couple hundred years that have passed since we’ve last explored Faerûn. Some of the longer lived races might have even experienced these events themselves although they’re more than likely in the dark on the explanations for several of the major events.

Check out the wiki for some information on the setting, I hope it will be useful in understanding the game world and for creating backstories although the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide will also be a huge help with that. This is a work in progress and will include more pages over the next couple days to provide everything relevant to the beginning of the campaign.

Also here’s a huge folder of fantasy character art, feel free to use it!

In addition, if you have anything prepared please make a character page and link it to this campaign (I think you should be able to).

Your rolled stats are located here: Misc Notes

A Mission to Phandalin

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